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Is your child SAFE in their car seat?

 The purpose of the Harnett Safe Seats Program is to provide car seat safety checks by a certified child passenger safety technician, distribute information related to proper car seat installation and distribute age and size appropriate car seats to Harnett County residents in immediate need, as funding permits. 


Please come to our office from 1pm-3pm on Mondays or by appointment to have your child's car seat inspected. You must have your car seat and child with you and show proof of Harnett County residency.

HCPC can provide one car seat, per child, per family under the following conditions:

1. Participant is in immediate need of a child restraint or child is unsafe in current child restraint, as determined by inspection.  (Parent is required to release unsafe seat to HCPC for proper disposal.)

2. Participant is a pregnant woman within one month from  due date in need of an infant carrier.  

Grant funding provided by:

  • South River Electric Membership Corporation, Operation Round Up Grant
  • Harnett County Community Foundation

NC Child Passenger Safety Seat Law

-Children under 16 years old are covered under the NC Child Passenger Safety Law.

-All cars manufactured after 1967 and all pickup trucks vans, and SUV’s manufactured after 1971 are required to have seat belts and are covered under the NC Child passenger safety Law.

-All children in all seats must be buckled at all times.

-A child restraint device is required if the child is less than 8 years old AND weighs less than 80 lbs. 

-The child restraint device must be placed in the rear seat if the child is 5 years old or younger and less than 40 pounds and if the vehicle has passenger side airbags. 

-Belt-positioning booster seats may be used for children between 40-80 pounds. The child must be within the weight range for the child restraint or booster seat and it must meet federal safety standards. 

-Children may be secured in a properly fitted seat belt at age 8 OR at 80 lbs., whichever comes first. 

-Do NOT place the shoulder belt under a child’s arm or behind their back. It is dangerous and illegal.

-The driver is responsible for the proper restraint of children.

-There are no exemptions for out of state drivers or vehicles registered in other states. 

-The fine for violating the law is $25.00 plus court cost. Also, two driver license points. 

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