2016-2017 Committees

Acts as management team, establishes long range goals, provides leadership to board, and acts on behalf of the board as necessary between meetings of the full board. Responsible for the development and review of the Partnership Personnel Policies. Responsible for the overall development of the board of directors.

David Hodges, Chair
Planning, Program & Finance Committee
Oversees planning, program development, program performance, and financial functions of the Partnership. Evaluates proposals for funding and makes recommendations to the board. Responsible for the development and review of the programmatic and financial policies and procedures.

Sandra Tull, Chair
Outreach and Resource Development Committee
Oversees outreach and resource development strategies. Works to increase the community's awareness of early childhood issues, their economic importance to the future of this community, and the value of the public and private sectors working together to address these issues. Works to increase the resources available to support the efforts of the Partnership, identifying, supporting, and participating in the development of resource development strategies.
Shirley Whitley, Chair

NOTE: If you are interested in being a part of one of our committees, please contact Executive Director Tara Fish at (910) 893-2344 or tara.fish@harnettsmartstart.org

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

David Hodges, Chair, United Way of Harnett County

Mary Jane Sauls, Treasurer, Harnett County Health Department

Lisa McFadden, At-Large Member, Management Information Systems

Julie McLeod, Immediate Past Chair, 

Brenda Harnack,  Learning Time Achievement Center

Shirley McKoy,  Foster Parent

Melody McGee,  Community Member

Paul Polinski,  Harnett County Department of Social Services

Joe Langley-Business Community Member At-Large

Sabrina White-UNC-TV PBS Kids

Shirley Whitley,  Johnston Lee Harnett Community Action

Michelle Wester, Harnett County Library

Nutan Varma, Central Carolina Community College

Claudia Farr, Triangle South Literacy Works

Sandra Chisholm, CCSA